ATMD FACT SHEET (Rev. November, 2011)

Mailing Address: #1 Trew Creek Drive, Aspen Trails, Durango, CO 81301

Metro District Purpose: The Aspen Trails Metropolitan District (ATMD) was created by general election in November 2003, to maintain and improve roads making them safer and more accessible. In addition, the District will provide limited parks & recreation services in the future (funded through donations & grants).

Board Meeting schedule: The board meets every 2nd Wednesday of odd numbered months, at the fire station at the entrance to Aspen Trails Subdivision, Durango, CO 81301. Meeting notices will be posted at Helen's Store, Upper Pine Fire Station #3, Aspen Trails Metro District Bulletin Boards, and at the La Plata County Court House. Board meetings are open to the public.

Road Work

Road Improvements and Maintenance: Road improvements began in 2004 and have continued each summer since. Planned maitenance and improvements have included some road widening, placement of turnouts, reflective street signs, drainage improvements (new culverts and ditches), grading, addition of road base, and snow removal. Road improvements were made to Trew Creek Dr, Sierra Dr, Bear Run, Lower Sierra Circle, Lower Aspen Dr and Chipmunk Circle during 2011. Additional stretches of roads will be improved as funds become available through annual assessment allocations to capital improvement and maintenance. Some delays can be expected during the summer months as road work continues. *Please note that this is a long range - 20 year road project. The roads will gradually be improved. This does not mean that all roads will be accessible year-round by all types of vehicles. Property owners are strongly encouraged to use 4x4 vehicles year round. Snow-plowing of roads during the winter months will be provided along approved routes when 6 inches or more snow accumulates. Plowing will not include all roads, until all road improve-ments are completed (this may be 15-20 years from now for stretches of road requiring major improvements).

Financial Info

Costs to property owners: District funding is achieved through several methods. Road maintenance and operations are partially funded through a 5 mill property tax levy, and through rates/tolls/fees determined annually by the board of directors. The first phase of road improvement (completed in 2004) was funded through a $200,000 general obligation bond which is being repaid with a property tax mill levy to service the debt. This mill levy varies each year with the property values within the district, but generally is decreasing as property values increase. Parks & Recreation is funded by proceeds from the Colorado lottery (GOCO), grants and private or public donations. Parks & Recreation funding at this time is not sufficient to begin any projects.

What costs can a property owner expect each year? The board of directors assesses $300 per lot, per year, to continue operations and maintenance services for the district. Assessments for 2011 were $300. There are 2 line items on property tax bills for Aspen Trails residents: 5 mills for operations/maintenance and 9.224 mils to service the debt from the general obligation bond which funded the first phase of improvements during 2004.

Tax Calculation
To calculate your additional property tax from Aspen Trails mill levies use the following formula:
Current year mill levy x assessed property value = tax increase due to ATMD

What will ATMD cost a property owner in the future? An assessment from the board of at least $300/parcel can be expected each year; as well as a property tax mill levy for bond debt service and road maintenance costs (probably around 15 mills). *Assessment amounts billed by ATMD depend on the budget requirements for the year and may vary.

Additional Fees for ATMD properties
Transfer of Ownership fee $50 per lot
Non-sufficient funds charge $50
Document Request Fee $1.25 per page
Late payment fees 12% per year accruing monthly
Collection Fee $50

Legal note: taxes and fees assessed to property owners by the ATMD are legally enforceable and if not paid by the due date may result in collection fees, finance charges, and property liens.

General Info

Road Guidelines adopted June 9, 2005
*Speed limit 15mph on all district roads
*No parking on the roadway at any time (vehicle may be towed at owner's expense)
*Permits or advance approval must be acquired from ATMD prior to any property work which could impact district roads including, but not limited to: installation of culverts, water, electrical lines, or driveway construction.
*All driveways must have proper drainage (driveways should not drain on to district roads).
*A property owner may be held financially responsible for damage to the roads (resulting from improper driveway drainage or construction work).
* Please drive slowly in Aspen Trails, there are many children, adults & pets using our roads.

ATMD is not responsible for driveway snow removal
*Contact Mike for scheduling if needed - Mobile: (970) 988-5777 or email:

New Construction: Building permits are required by La Plata County, 382-6250, for all new construction and additions. Construction work that affects Aspen Trails roads (well drilling, underground utility digging, culvert installation, etc.,) must be reviewed prior to the work by the ATMD construction manager.

Covenants: Aspen Trails Subdivision I, II, III, and Trew Creek Estates each have different covenants that apply. Contact the realtor or current owner for current information about covenants, or ask the county for assistance. *The ATMD is not a homeowner's association; the board does not enforce covenants or police the behavior of property owners or their pets.

Changes: If your property has recently sold or you rent it out, please inform the new residents of information they should know about living in the neighborhood. Give them a copy of this "fact sheet".

Life in the mountains - a few notes on rural living
Winter road advice: Please be patient during the winter months, heavy snowfall requires more time to plow. Be considerate of your neighbors, maintenance and emergency vehicles that use ATMD roads. With the heavy snows we experience, it can be difficult to see unexpected obstacles (like cars jutting out into the roadway). Make sure that your vehicle is parked in your driveway and that it is not on the road or partially blocking the road. Residents are strongly advised to plan for seasonal weather conditions: carry chains (and know how to put them on) or use studded snow tires from October - May. Poor driving technique during extreme weather conditions can destroy roads. Many of our roads cannot withstand continual heavy use while wet or icy by vehicles with poor traction without causing damage. Avoid driving in the same rut as the last driver.

Summer road advice: Make sure your vehicle tires have adequate tread, use lower gears and drive slowly to help maintain roads during the summer months. Excessive speed for road conditions is a major contributing factor in the development of washboards. Make sure that your driveway culvert is clear of debris. Unpaved roads tend to be dusty when dry and may be slippery when wet. If you're kicking up a lot of dust, you're driving too fast.

Emergency Services: The Upper Pine Fire Protection District is the first responder for fire and medical emergencies in our area. Our closest station (at the entrance to Aspen Trails) is manned by volunteers who will respond when they are available. Response times may be longer in our rural setting. 911 is the central dispatch number to call for all emergency situations. For non emergencies call 385-2900.

Access: The fact that you can drive to your property does not mean that your guests or contractors can consistently drive to your property. Large construction and moving vehicles cannot navigate small, narrow roads. 18 wheelers do not navigate Aspen Trails period. Damage will occur. Check out access and inform your contractors of the road conditions.

School District: Students in Aspen Trails attend School District 9-R schools in Durango. The school bus stops on CR 240, at the entrance to the subdivision

Water: The Aspen Trails Water Co. manages a seasonal water supply for some properties. Please contact Janet Slater 520-219-1142 (Oct - May), or 970-247-2925 (May - Oct) for details.
*Year-round residents use individual wells. Permits for well drilling must be obtained from the Colorado Division of Water Resources, 701 Camino Del Rio, Suite 205, Durango, 247-1845. Not all wells drilled provide good quality drinking water or an adequate supply during drought years.

Phone: CenturyLink has underground line shallowly buried along district roads 800-244-1111. Phone Service is available through CenturyLink or through local provider Cedar Networks (see Internet below)

High Speed Internet: High speed DSL service is available in Aspen trails through CenturyLink or Cedar Networks (970) 403-0702

Electricity: La Plata Electric Company, 247-5786, provides electricity to Aspen Trails.

Septic: Please contact San Juan Basin Health Department, 281 Sawyer Dr, 247-5702, for information on septic requirements. There is no common sewer system in Aspen Trails.

Garbage: Starting in the fall of 2014, ATMD was forced to take over the management and billing of the trash service provided by WCA. The current rates are as follows: $175 annually for full time residents, $100 annually for seasonal residents $200 annually for surrounding non-ATMD residents. In an interest to best serve and protect the interests the community, the ATMD board of directors decided that any home that operates as a rental, in any capacity, will not have the ability to opt out of the program.

*Please note dumpsters are for household waste only and NOT a dumping ground for car parts, car batteries, tires, old furniture, mattresses, hot water heaters, or construction debris. Large items must be taken to the Durango transfer station, located in the Durango tech Center 385-7903.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to ATMD via email:

Mail & Package Delivery: Contact the main Post Office, 800 S. Camino del Rio at 247-8433. The mail carrier for Aspen Trails provides service up Florida Rd (aka CR 240). Packages shipped by UPS, US Mail and FedEx Air and Ground are placed in the package box by the mailboxes. Packages are not delivered to your door (especially during inclement weather) unless the courier requires your signature, or he has some extra time. In general, if you are expecting a package, be on the lookout for it and track it closely with your shipper, especially if you are new to the area. Many roads in the subdivision are duplicated elsewhere in the county, so include Aspen Trails in your mailing and shipping address.

Newspaper service: Papers come to the mailboxes; there is no door to door delivery.

Power Outages tend to occur a little more often in our area due to extreme weather (snow, wind and lightning) which can damage power lines and down trees. Be prepared, especially in winter months.

Not all land parcels are suitable for building or development. Building permits may not be issued for lots that are of concern to the county. For example: steep slopes, natural hazards, wildfire or flood hazards, lots smaller than an acre, may not be approved for development.
Fences do not necessarily define property lines.

Defensible space and vegetation: Trees are beautiful and useful but they can also be dangerous. Forest fires can be deterred by creating clear open spaces between buildings. Cutting dense brush and ladder fuels back away from your home will make it easier to protect from fire. Many of the trees in our area are stressed due to fire damage or disease, and are prone to heart or root rot. The tops can snap off; or the entire tree from the root up can blow over without warning.

Wildlife: Mountain residents must learn to co-exist with bear, elk, deer, turkey, coyote, rodents, snakes, cottontails, eagles, hawks, and the occasional mountain lion. Keep trash and food sources inaccessible to limit unwanted encounters.

Open Range: Colorado has an open range law which means that if you don't want someone else's livestock on your property you must fence them out.

Weed Control: There are many noxious weeds spreading across La Plata County. It is your responsibility as a property owner to control them on your property.


Please send all correspondence Payments, Changes in ownership/Emergency contact/Name/Mailing Address/Phone Number/Email address to: Aspen Trails Metropolitan District, #1 Trew Creek Dr, Aspen Trails subdivision, Durango, CO 81301. Alternatively this info may be emailed to a board member or faxed to the attention of ATMD at 970-247-8101.